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Take Control of Your Family's Energy Costs

With municipal power going up in price exponentially, and being increasingly unreliable, why not take the cost of electricity into your own hands? An investment that will not only give you peace of mind, but pay for itself.

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Clean & Green Technology Made Accessible

By expanding solar power usage and decreasing the reliance on fossil fuels, carbon emissions worldwide could be reduced significantly. With this technology becoming easily accessible and more affordable, why not make the move to solar power today?

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Our Process.

We follow the following steps in order to give you the most suitable and efficient system for your needs.

Initial Discussion

Understanding the clients needs and reason for moving to solar. Be it the price of electricity, power cuts, or going green.

Usage Evaluation

Our team will install an energy logger on your property to measure your power usage and collect data over a period of time.

System Design

We will use the data collected to design a system that will meet both your goals and usage requirements.


Once designed, the final step is to install your system so you can enjoy clean and green energy.

Custom Solar Solutions

We have solutions for domestic, industrial and commercial applications to help save on your electricity bill and make load shedding a thing of the past.

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Components of a Solar Power System

When investing in a solar system, basic understating of the technologies and systems could be very helpful to avoid costly mistakes.

Solar Panels
Turning sunlight into electricity.
Storing your electricity.
Inverters & Charge Controllers
Making your electricity usable.
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Accessible Clean & Green Technology
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